Unitarian Universalists have many ways of articulating our seven Principles in simpler language. Children understand the word “promise” a little better than the word “principle.” And what is a principle, but a promise about a belief we make to ourselves. Our seven promises are just like our principles, but written in a simpler language and tied to a color and symbol to help children understand the promise on a deeper level.

We promise to:

RED: Respect all beings. (gift – respect is a gift to others)

ORANGE: Offer fair and kind treatment to all. (heart – to open it up)

YELLOW: Yearn to accept and learn about ourselves, others and mystery. (fire/flame of knowledge)

GREEN: Grow by exploring what is true and right in life. (flower – blooming, giving birth to our ideas)

BLUE: Believe in our ideas and act on them. (bell – something “rings true”)

INDIGO: Insist on a peaceful, fair and free world for all. (dove, symbol of peace)

VIOLET: Value our home, Earth, that we share with all living things. (globe)


Small child's hand touching an adult's hand.