A People of Abundance

What does it mean to be a people of abundance, in our lives and here at Second Unitarian? Especially – what does it mean when we might have such strong feelings of fear, hopelessness and scarcity right now?  

Our Beloved Dead

In keeping with the practices of faiths and cultures worldwide, we will observe a remembrance of our beloved dead. Please bring pictures and/or mementos of your beloved who have passed – family, friends, animals. We will build an altar, hear a story and re-connect with those who have gone before.  

I would do anything for you

I’ve heard that before. Have you? Perhaps you’ve said it. What does it really mean? I will explore and challenge the interpretations of that statement. Together we will look courageously into the face of what it means to be human and what we might consider “the ultimate sacrifice”.

White Supremacy Teach-In

Last May, at the request of Black Lives of UU, we held our first White Supremacy Teach-In. We will reflect and learn more and also hear about our responses to critical questions from last Spring’s Teach-In. Additional resources viewed during this worship service: Music video: Chains by Usher, Nas and Bibi Bourelly. Video: Michael E. Dyson’s Why white … Continued

Book Communion

Please bring a book for the altar.

Living in the House of Yes

What if we lived and worshiped in a congregation where profound meaning for each of us is present in all we do? Think of this as living in the House of Yes, the House of What You Want and Need. Very different from Living in the House of No!  

Water Communion

Honoring a UU tradition, we will celebrate our homecoming with the sharing of water. We will gather together and pour waters to express our various experiences over the summer. Bring water from a source that matters to you – and don’t worry if you forget! There will be water!