Breathing Hope

Our monthly worship theme is Aspiration. It’s about breathing, about what we hope to be, about taking in spirit. We’ll look at the idea of aspiration in a variety of ways as we start our year together.  

Orma’s Orphan

David and Carla Crosser-Harrington are retired schoolteachers from Shenandoah, Iowa. They’ve had a long-standing relationship with Reverend Orma Mavimbela, an Anglican Priest in Swaziland. Orma operates a feeding center for HIV orphans. David and Carla will present information on their partnership and trips to Swaziland.    

Journey Through the Belly of a Whale

There are times, I expect, when we are far too serious in our approaches to our religious inheritance. Far too serious, that is, when a sense of humor might open up for us new pathways to understanding. The story of Jonah is a case in point.  


The first of three harvest festivals.  It is a time of joy and tension.  It is a time of gratitude.  Come with an open heart and be willing to journey with us as we look back at what we planted this Spring and prepare for the winter months to come.  

The Challenge of Witchcraft

Many modern Pagans identify as Witches. How might Witchcraft be the same or different from other Earth-centered traditions? Here is an insider’s view of Witchcraft from Reverend Cyndi.

Evolution of the Mind and Free Will

Can we have free will if our brains and thoughts appear to be purely physical/biological structures determined by genetics and our past and present environments? 

The Shadow Knows

Humans all have a shadow: the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, that we deny, that we project on to others. Our shadow does have something important to tell us, both for our personal spiritual lives and our congregational life together.