Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Earth Day

We will celebrate Earth Day in story, song and word! How can we be active in protecting our planet, as we are called to do by our First and Seventh UU Principles?

The Promise & The Practice (pdf)

This service is composed entirely of elements by Unitarian Universalist people of color. We will approach white supremacy in our faith through heart-centered and soul-deep worship. Come be uplifted and inspired by the words and vision of our sibling UUs! May we heed their call!

Mercy, Not Sacrifice (audio and pdf)

Jesus’ violent death is widely understood as a sacrifice for humanity. Yet there always have been Christians who do not accept this doctrine, who believe in a nonviolent atonement. How can this be understood as healing and affirmative for Unitarian Universalists? Come hear a healing Easter message of Jesus’ purpose!

We Are the Church Who…

Today in small groups, supported by story and song, we will consider our own identity as UUs here at Second Unitarian. Expect birds, children and youth, oh my!

OUR Identity? (pdf)

One of our Goals is about our congregation having a “clear and shared identity as UUs.” How is that the same or different as any one of our personal religious identities? And why is a shared identity something worth having?
Includes pdf of sermon.