Rev. Cyndi Simpson

The Challenge of Witchcraft

Many modern Pagans identify as Witches. How might Witchcraft be the same or different from other Earth-centered traditions? Here is an insider’s view of Witchcraft from Reverend Cyndi.

The Shadow Knows

Humans all have a shadow: the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, that we deny, that we project on to others. Our shadow does have something important to tell us, both for our personal spiritual lives and our congregational life together.


Our 2nd Source invites us to heed the words of “prophetic women and men which challenge us to confront powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love.” Today we will hear of Unitarian prophetess Fannie Barrier Williams, an advocate for the liberation and transformation of African-American women.

Flower Communion

Today we will celebrate our Flower Communion, welcome our New Members and express gratitude for our Religious Education volunteers. All of these celebrations reflect our Principles and Sources and strengthen our Community. Please join us for this service of welcoming and gratitude and sharing in this beloved Unitarian Universalist congregation.  

White Supremacy Teach-In

Our colleagues and lay leaders of color within Unitarian Universalism have asked for congregations to participate in a White Supremacy Teach-In – meaning that we are to address the white supremacy in our UUA. This is a gift of love to us from our siblings of color – let us welcome it!  

The Magick of Meaning (pdf)

Through our shared Developmental Ministry, one of the best outcomes we can give ourselves here is a heaping helping of meaning. Why does meaning matter and how do we seek, find and create meaning here in our religious community?

El Santuario (pdf)

Is being part of the New Sanctuary Movement something right for us? What is Sanctuary, why does it matter and how do we do it? We will worship together as part of our discernment around Sanctuary.

Looking Back & Forward

This evening begins Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah. We have always said that we must never forget this huge tragedy of human suffering. Why is remembering HaShoah so important, especially now?

Occupy Jerusalem

What was Jesus up to that last week in Jerusalem before his death? Perhaps not what you were taught long ago! Perhaps he was – Occupying Jerusalem. Come hear an understanding of a central Christian story that can be both healing and affirming for Unitarian Universalists.