Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Living in the House of Yes

What if we lived and worshiped in a congregation where profound meaning for each of us is present in all we do? Think of this as living in the House of Yes, the House of What You Want and Need. Very different from Living in the House of No!  

Water Communion

Honoring a UU tradition, we will celebrate our homecoming with the sharing of water. We will gather together and pour waters to express our various experiences over the summer. Bring water from a source that matters to you – and don’t worry if you forget! There will be water!

Breathing Hope

Our monthly worship theme is Aspiration. It’s about breathing, about what we hope to be, about taking in spirit. We’ll look at the idea of aspiration in a variety of ways as we start our year together.  

The Challenge of Witchcraft

Many modern Pagans identify as Witches. How might Witchcraft be the same or different from other Earth-centered traditions? Here is an insider’s view of Witchcraft from Reverend Cyndi.

The Shadow Knows

Humans all have a shadow: the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, that we deny, that we project on to others. Our shadow does have something important to tell us, both for our personal spiritual lives and our congregational life together.

Prophetess (audio)

Our 2nd Source invites us to heed the words of “prophetic women and men which challenge us to confront powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love.” Today we will hear of Unitarian prophetess Fannie Barrier Williams, an advocate for the liberation and transformation of African-American women.