Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Saving Paradise (pdf)

For the first one thousand years of Christianity, the crucifix was unknown in Christian art and imagery! How could this be? What was at the heart of the Christian faith, as symbolized in their sacred spaces, is vital for all of us in the 21st century.

The Holy Fool

The Holy Fool appears in many religions and cultures. Who is the Holy Fool and what might we learn from this character, especially during hard times?

Beloved Belonging

When we say we ‘belong’ here, what does that mean? How is being a member here different from being a member of other organizations or a member of our families? The difference matters greatly for the future of this beloved religious community!  

A New Way Forward

We are on the path for a new way forward here at 2U and in our nation! Our religious community is loved and needed more than ever within and beyond our walls. How do we marshal our time, talent and treasure to go forward? Hint: it’s all about love.    

Sophia Fahs Sunday – Journeys of the Spirit

Sophia Lyon Fahs (1876-1978), an extraordinary UU religious educator, worked capture the sense of wonder and creativity in our everyday lives. Our service this morning is about the journeys of the spirit – both the work of building the world we dream about – and the motions of our hearts.

Radical Hospitality

This church has a major goal of intentionally becoming more welcoming. What might that mean? What would it look like? The change needed could include a spiritual practice of becoming more radically hospitable.

Chinese New Year

Fireworks, food, good fortune and/or prosperity are aspects of Chinese New Year. But there is an older story behind this holiday, a story of MONSTERS and noise! What can this story teach us about community? Everyone is asked to wear RED – your lives may depend on it…

Black Lives Matter

Celebrate Martin Luther King by continuing his work of liberation. Our UU faith has committed to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Dedicated to a world of racial justice, we cannot afford to misunderstand or have doubts about any movement with which we must be solidly allied.


On this New Year’s Day, we will consider the usefulness – or not – of making resolutions for the New Year. Perhaps it’s not about making resolutions, but about being resolute. What does that mean and how can we do it?


On Christmas Day, our doors will be open to all who are seeking community and solace on this holy day. We will hear the traditional Italian story of La Befana and consider how it is that we may come to enlightenment in our lives and in this religious community.