Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Defying Hate

Unitarians Martha and Waitstill Sharp went to eastern Europe in 1939 to support refugees fleeing the Nazi’s. They defied the Nazis repeatedly, and narrowly escaped arrest and execution. We will hear some of their story and reflect on how we are called as UUs to defy hate in our time.

Water Communion

We gather to begin our congregational year together! Bring water from wherever you were this summer: home or away. As we mingle our waters, rather than sharing where the water is from, share its significance for you. Does it represent a beautiful experience or something of spiritual power?

The Problem of Desire

From our Sixth Source: “Wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life.” Rev Cyndi’s sermon focuses on how Buddhism addresses our deepest desires so that we may resist them. Or perhaps this resistance is not what Buddhism asks of us?