Second Unitarian Church of Omaha is a liberal, religious faith community. We are ready to continue making our mission a reality.  Our mission is to be Authentic, Compassionate, and Transformative in our lives, in our faith, and in the world.

At the November Board of Trustees meeting, after the Presidential election, the Board affirmed the following: “The Board of Second Unitarian affirms the ongoing response to the election and its aftermath and consequences; will build on the strengths and alliances that we already have as well as identifying new alliances to seek out.”

At this time we need to be, we are called to be:

  • the beacon of hope within our own faith community and beyond.
  • about hope and action vs helplessness and fear.
  • welcoming at this critical time when people are searching for meaning and purpose, determining what that will look like and help each other deepen our faith.
  • in conversation with each other, deepen our connections and to be connected in action.
  • aware on the financial front.

How will we make this happen?  Open Discussions! We invite and encourage everyone to join us on Sundays from 9 am-10 am in the Sanctuary (child care will be provided).


Date/Time Event Location

9:00 am - 10:00 am

First Hour - TBA

2U – Sanctuary, Omaha NE